M208 TMA03 in the post

Cutting it fine again, 48 hours should be enough time to get there :). This time it wasn’t due to lots of hand cranking, just me not pulling my finger out till the last minute. I’m finding it a lot harder to pull back some time with M208, though that could be down to just having more stuff on at the moment. I’m hoping I can force myself to speed up a bit with the Analysis A section, but we shall see.

Thankfully this TMA was reasonably straightforward. Some of the earlier questions seemed suspiciously easy until I checked the marks on offer and then it was clear they were meant to be that simple. 1 graph to sketch, but that was a nice simple one so not too much of a speed bump. The row reduction question was quite hard. I’m never sure quite which route to take. I can usually get to a point where I can solve the given equation set, but not alway to the ideal diagonal. Seems to be one of those mathematical techniques that are more of an art/insight thing. The last question helped to gel a lot of the ideas from LA5 together, though I did end up flicking through a lot of the examples to work out all the techniques involved.

Should be at an m208 tutorial tonight, but thanks to a small medical procedure tomorrow I can’t make it. That’s 2 in a row I’ve missed for various reasons. Really don’t think that’s helping me, even if I’m sort of grasping the material it’s always good to have it explained in a different way. It’s also good to get the tutors advice/view on how to lay out the answers as I think that’s one of the key things with M208, where it’s almost as much about writing in a proper mathematical way as it is getting the right answer.

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