Bikeroutetoaster route onto Garmin Edge 800 without Mapsource

Well I managed to get this working yesterday.

I’ve had to rebuild my work PC thanks to a nasty little infection that means I can’t trust it. Couldn’t find my MapSource cd anywhere and the only version Garmin had for download is an upgrade that needs the original version installed first. Wanting to try a slightly different route last night that involved a little bit of navigating through small towns this was a bit annoying (I know, I know, I should really plan these things better). Being a windows machine I’d grabbed the latest Communicator plugin so decided I’d give bikeroutetoaster another go for creating the route. Worst came to the worst I’d just have to follow the gpx track on screen without any routing.

As normal, laying the route out was nice and simple with only a few annoying moments where it rerouted along stupid long diversions (on the ride it appeared that there were some very short 1 way sections that were marked badly as affecting 2 sections of the road when in fact it was only 1 section).

Gave it a course name on the summary tab and used the ‘To Garmin GPS’ link for .tcx. After popping up the Communicator security dialogue everything went quiet. Unplugged the 800 and there appeared to be a new course on there which looked about the right shape.

On the ride it appeared to work fine. Though it’s nowhere near the level of routing that you get with a course from mapsource. All I got was a small pop up centre of screen 200m before a ‘turn’ that just said ‘Turn left’, ‘Turn Right’ or ‘Straight on’ as appropriate, and without a pop up of the route either. It was workable if you knew roughly where you were going and non of the junctions were particularly complicated. Not sure if that’s just a feature of the tcx format or the way bikeroutetoaster exports it, need to try it with something like bikehike as well. So I’d use it for quick adhoc routes but anything approaching audax levels of complexity I’ll persevere with MapSource.

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