T-mobile iPhone 4 replacement – be wary

So I managed to end up having to replace my iPhone 4 this weekend. But it turns out T-mobile don’t make this as easy as possible. As soon as I’d realised I cancelled the account and had the account barred. My insurers were great and just wanted the police reference and the cost of a replacement handset, they wouldn’t take the Apple direct price (£510) but wanted me to see if T-mobile had a deal. So back to T-mobile’s customer service number to get a replacement cost. The gentleman on the phone said £478.99, I said really, he said yes and reconfirmed the amount. So took that amount back to the insurers who said “no problems, cheque or bank transfer?”.

So far so good. On arriving at the T-mobile shop on Monday to pick up a new handset I’m informed that a replacement handset is actuallty £500. Hmmm, that’s not what I was told, “sorry sir, that’s what it is”. So I’m £20 out of pocket on the deal, not exactly the end of the world and I’ll have a phone in my hand and reconnected in the next 10 minutes, so let’s just go with it.

Oh, but wait, there’s then a mandatory £20 top up as it’s a PAYG handset. Sorry, I understand it’s a PAYG handset, but I’m actually paying for a replacement contract SIM at the same time. Might T-Mobile not think that making a quick buck is a stupid move, of course they don’t

So now I end up £40 down. And all thanks to T-Mobile’s customer services department.

So if you’re on T-Mobile and looking to replace a lost/stolen iPhone 4 be very very careful what price they quote you for the replacement. And make sure it is actually the amount you’ll pay before you give it to your insurance company.

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