M208 – TMA03 and TMA04

Been getting a bit behind on the M208 work recently with lots of other stuff cropping up.

Got TMA03 back a couple of weeks ago, pleasantly surprised to have got 90% on it despite it being a last minute rush job. But I do find a lot of the concepts in the Linear algebra sections seem to sink in nice and quickly. Most of the marks were dropped for a couple of transcription errors, and having got fed up with row reducing so just solving from where I’d got to (getting it right, but losing marks for not using the full method).

TMA04 is due this Friday and it’s taking a while. I think it’s down to being another section where you need to be able to ‘see’ what you’re meant to be doing and I can’t always spot the basic idea. The first half is done, so hoping I can get 3+4 out of the way tonight. It’ll go in the post thursday lunchtime at the latest however much I’ve got done.

Missing 3 tutorials in a row because of other bookings probably isn’t helping either. Hopefully when I say I’ll knuckle down for the next section (back to Group Theory) I’ll actually do it.

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