What to carry on a 600km audax

Well, I’m hoping this is what I should be carrying, as this is a first attempt so I could be horrendously wrong.

All of this will be going in a Carradice Barley, supported on a bagman with a small drysac on top. So it should end up looking something like this:

Bike loaded up for a 400km audax
Bike loaded up for a 400km audax

(That was prior to the Moors+Wolds 400, fingers crossed the same thing doesn’t happen with the saddle (though this  thread on YACF isn’t helping any))

In the barley:

  • Tyre Levers
  • 2 spare inner tubes
  • puncture patches
  • multi-tools (leatherman for blades and an Alien for allen keys and chain splitter)
  • spare chain links
  • Spare batteries for lights and GPS recharger
  • Nunn tablets to add to water for cola/banana flavoured energy
  • Couple of mars bars
  • malt loaf
  • Wallet
  • phone
  • pages torn out of a road atlas in case of battery failure
  • brevet card
  • leg warmers
  • long finger gloves
  • cap
  • buff
  • space blank
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • ibuprofen, sudocrem, immodium
  • tissues and moist wipe
  • hand cleanser

In the drysac will go:

  • Long sleeve jersey for overnight
  • A pair of bib tights as spares in case of any problems
  • sun glasses

In jersey pockets

  • Arm warmers
  • sugary sweets

Hanging off the bagman:

  • Waterproof
  • Spare tyre

Hopefully it’ll all fit. Glad I don’t have a rack or I’d probably end up taking even more junk with me. Once I’ve finished the ride I’ll know what was worth taking, though I don’t think there’s much I could do without. This is for a DIY 600 cross some remote bits of Yorkshire and Scotland (we’re following the London-Edinburgh-London 2013 northbound route), so I want to make sure I’ve got plenty to get through if thing go wrong in the wrong place.


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