M208 – Group Theory B and ennui

Been a bit quite on the M208 front recently. Things haven’t been going so well and I’ve been busy so I’ve let things slide (it’s hard to do thing when they’re not easy!)

Got the marks back for TMA04 (Analysis A) and was a bit disappointed with the mark I got. I’d missed a couple of fundamental points and made a couple of howlers.

TMA05 is due in next week and I’m still only halfway through Book 2 on Homomorphisms and there’s still Book 3 Group Actions to go through. So it’s really starting to feel like a bit of a struggle.

And that’s not helped by the fact that I’m probably going to miss another tutorial this evening. Work’s been crazy this week (23:30 and 20:00 finishes) so i’d quite like an early night and spending some time with S before heading up to Edinburgh on Friday (and it’d be nice to get some sleep before trying to ride 600km as well)

I don’t really feel that the materials sinking in either due to the speed I’m having to cram it in, so I’m already bricking about the exam in October.

I’m going to keep on going with the course as I’m interested in the Maths, but I’m not so sure now about getting a full degree as that’ll mean trying to get good marks rather than just learning. Will have to think quite hard about wether to do another course next year (probably MST209 if anything)

One strange thing I think that’s not been helping is the fact that I’ve been cycling into work a lot more, and there’s not room in a Carradice Barley to fit an OU book and a pad of paper. I’ve got the electronic copies on my phone and PC, but it’s not easy to read them while working through exercises and flick back and forth. I can’t really justify the cost of something like a kindle/ipad to just leave at work for OU stuff or the impact of printing off the electronic copies either. Really should have got a bike with rack eyes!

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