And now for a slightly different audax experience

Last week I got the Brevet card for the DIY LEL 600k (ride report part 1 + part 2) back in the post all stamped up, and the results on the AUK website as well. So I need a 400km ride to complete a Super Randonneur for this season.

Now having had an attempt at a 400km that failed after a saddle failure (details) and not really liking the thought that I’d left something uncompleted I decided to do a DIY based on the route. There is a permanent version of the ride I wanted the ability to not have to faff around getting to/from Alfreton at unsocial hours as I wanted to get most of the ride into 1 day (I’d rather not use up too much good will). So I’ve come up with rough copy for a DIY GPS with some of the control moved slightly. Routes up to distance on AutoRoute so I’ve submitted it to my Regional Organiser (who may be away on tour atm), but as it’s in AR I can be sure it’ll be accepted (definitely worth splashing the cash on a copy if you’re going to be doing any DIYs, I only paid £9 on ebay including P+P).

While I’ve done longer (once!) it’s going to be strange doing it on my own. I’ve a couple of rides up to 10 hours on my own, only interacting with shop staff or remonstrating with idiots, but this could be up to 28 hours. Hopefully I won’t go too loopy. While I’ve never had to resort to it yet, I may well have to deploy earphones and have some music to keep me motivated and alert.

Plus there’s going to be a fair chunk of night riding to get through whatever happens. I’m trying to work out when exactly to start so I can get the nightriding on decent roads, and miss traffic on some major road that feature on the route. And it’d be nice to be somewhere ‘sleepable’ if I do need a doze in the wee hours. Current thinking is mid morning start so I miss the traffic on the first section, and then a longish rest/dinner break in Helmsley or Pickering (depending on progress) to avoid too much traffic on the A170. Should have me crossing the Humber Bridge just after midnight, hopefully getting back to nottingham just in time to go to bed as S gets up.

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