m208 – on the last leg

TMA07 came winging back nice and quickly. Slightly better mark than the last 2, just >70% which is good. Am reading up on the feedback while I work through past papers. Have mainly been concentrating on the Part 1 questions, I’d like to be pretty confident on those so I’ve more time for Part 2 papers.It’s shown up a few gaps in things, but I’m picking them up. Am also experimenting with different techniques, for instance with permutations I’ve found doing them long hand is quicker for me as I don’t waste time checking them. Am also getting good at finding relevant sections in the handbook.

I stupidly appear to have missed all the day schools for M208 as well, which is a very stupid thing as the MS221 ones were very handy. So far I’m getting slightly more confident that I’ll pass the exam (which will give me a pass for M208) but still not confident that I’ll pass with any great honours. So just see how it goes on the 11th.

Looking to the next course, it’s definitely going to be MST209 as M303 won’t be available for another year. Though I won’t be doing the residential school alongside it as it’s too much to pay out in one year, and it’s badly timed with regards to other real life bits (wedding, honeymoon and Mille Alba). The OU seems to have changed it’s eligibility for keeping the current fees a bit as well, so I need to check if I still qualify if I put off starting MST209 until September 2012. This would work better for the above events, and also I’m more likely to sit at home and work on it when the weather’s nasty and not conducive to an evening out on the bike.

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  1. I will also be doing MST209,which won’t be as abstract as M208.

    The tutorials are always held when I am working, so I have missed them all. Are they useful?

  2. It does look a bit more grounded in reality M208. Looking forward to some mechanics, that was my favourite part of my combined A-Level maths experience.

    I’ve missed all but 2 of the M208 ones as they always seem to conflict with real life events, but those 2 were pretty useful. I made all of the MS221 last year and those were good. In both sets (different tutor) we’d mainly go through some past TMA questions, so you’d generally get some hints about your own TMA, and the bit I found most useful was that you got shown the format that you should use for Mathematical answers.

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