M208 – The marks are out

First off something nice:

rational & real numbers

And that’s about the end of the good news. I knew I’d had a couple of less than brilliant TMA results, and one of them that didn’t get submitted do to other priorities. And the exam went less than brilliantly for me. So I’ve ended up with a Grade 3 pass, which while a pass isn’t a great pass.

I suppose I could blame it on all the long distance cycling but that’d be too easy, and wrong. The material is quite a step up from the previous 2 module as you move a lot further away from ‘applied arithmetic’ to some very new and nebulous concepts (Groups, I’m looking at you), but again that’s no real excuse as the material is pretty well presented. The only real excuse is that I just didn’t put the effort in. I’d coasted a bit through the first 2 modules and thought I could do the same with M208. So when I start MS209 in September 2012 I’ll be making a better effort to study studiously and hopefully do better on that one.

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  1. Yeah I bombed out on M337 with a grade 3. Still I think pure maths is probably one of the hardest subject to really understand it just never flowed for me. Also remember that the OU grading system is guaranteed to make you feel a failure if you don’t get distinction or grade 2. Brick universities on average have anything above 70 a first. Between 60 and 70 a 2 – 1 50 -60 a 2 – 2
    and 40 – 50 a third. It seems to me that there is such a gap between 60 – 85 for a grade 2. Perhaps they should have 80-100 distinction. 60 – 80 grade 2 50 – 60 grade 3 and 40 – 50 grade 4.

    Still well done mate

    Best wishes Chris.

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