End of Year cycling stats for 2011

A couple of days late, but finally got the stats for 2011 all done (nothing if not geeky here).

Total mileage for 2011 – 5555.44 miles

Average Weekly miles – 106.82

Weeks with No mileage – 4

Hours cycling – 363 (15.125 days).

Average hours cycling per week – ~7

And now for a pretty graph:

Series 2 is the weekly total, and Series 3 is the average. So you can see how quickly the average drops off after a couple of weeks off or weeks with low mileage.

Fastest ride was a 29 minute blast round a local 10 mile club TT course in the middle of a longer ride. Hopefully I’ll get a bit faster than that for 2012

So not a bad start to my first year back in cycling. Definitely a promising start to some serious long distance cycling. I certainly feel like I’ve built up a solid base to build on this year.

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