Slow start to the year

Still been a slow start to the year. Thank to the weather and some broken spokes I’ve not been on a bike for about 3 weeks now. Wheelcraft delivered this lovely piece of bling earlier:

So that’s the main problem sorted. And if the snow holds off for a bit longer I’ll get a chance for a 200 on Sunday with the Leicester Forest CC’s Rutland and Beyond 100km, coupled with a 100km ECE. Forecast isn’t brilliant, but noone’s threatening snow before then which is a bonus. The forecast temps of -6C over night is less helpful, but I’ve gained enough excess blubber by not riding that I should be safe enough until I warm up. Have bought some better batteries for the lights, and a more useful length of USB cable for keeping the Garmin going.

Hopefully this will kick start the year. Realising it’s only 6 weeks till The Dean and 4AAA points, need to get cracking on some miles.

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