Last gasp grabbing of RRTY

So after the debacle that was the 2012 attempt at Rutland and Beyond I was in need of a final 200km audax to round off my RRTY attempt. So some quick playing around with Google Maps and I came up with a 200km using the following controls:

  • Nottingham
  • Ashbourne
  • Tutbury
  • Oakham
  • Wymondham
  • Nottingham
It may come up slightly under distance on google maps or AutoRoute as I actually started it from my front door slightly to the north of nottingham city centre, but it’s not far off so picking a slightly different starting point than Google’s definition of Nottingham will bring it up to scratch.
A little dragging of the route off of main roads or known awkward junctions I came up with the following (taken from my ride gpx, so ignore the slight directional anomaly into the suburbs of Derby, the Edge 800 doesn’t have the ability to compensate for idiots yet.):

Reasonably fast run out to Ashbourne with some lovely low hanging mists over the fields. Got there slightly too early for any of the Cafes to be open so had to hang around for a bit. Slight muppetry at tutbury as I blindly followed the GPS to end up climbing the same piece of dual carrigeway to find a cash point for a physical PoP. The passage of Burton-on-Trent was interesting, though I did like the long climb out, but I’m a bit strange like that. Back on to quieter roads going between Leicester and Loughbrough. You can tell the weather’s improving as I sat on the pavement in Oakham to eat sandwiches, wouldn’t have been doing that a couple of weeks earlier. From there is was pretty much a straight run back into Nottingham on familiar roads, nicer to do them in a bit of light than it was on the the January 200 the month before.
Everything validated nicely. Which means I can now send off the bits to claim this:
RRTY badge

Which nicely rounds off my first 12 months of Audaxing :). I’ve got rides entered for the next 6 months, so now to see if I can build up enough of a head of steam to keep going through next winter as well.

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