Oops, should have swapped them sooner

Been experiencing increasing amounts of chain slippage and shipping over the last month or so. But I’ve been putting it down to muck and grime rather than anything else. It eventually got to the point where the bike was pretty much unusable and I had to cut a ride short. Had a better look and various drivetrain components had obviously seen better days. A quick order was placed with Spa Cycles who kindly overnighted me the required bits, and this morning’s ride to work was a wonder of slick shifting, quiet pedalling and solid engagement.

Chainring after 7500 miles
Chainring after 7500 miles

Think the image above shows the fact I should have done it well before now quite clearly. The silver ring is the new one from Spa and the black one is the worn FSA one that’s done ~7.5k miles. That’s some fairly major wear to my eyes.

At least I can now stand on the pedals with confidence again. Was starting to worry about having to the whole of The Dean sat in the saddle!!

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