BBC East Midlands Today reporter Quentin Rayner is an idiot

A cyclist is tragically killed while enjoying a perfectly legal Time Trial event by a carelessly driving HGV operator (BBC Report). What happens next?

Well Quentin Rayner and BBC East Midlands Today decide that it must be the cyclist’s fault for using a road when he doesn’t even pay “Road Tax”. So that’ll be the Road Tax that was abolished in 1937 then? And replaced by a specific tax on Vehicles, which is not earmarked for the roads? And then using that stupidity to indicate that Cyclists shouldn’t be allowed to the use the road as they legally can.

Quentin also tries to intimate that there’s something inherently wrong with the concept of Time Trialing on the open road (there isn’t, and if there was, after this length of time I think the Police might have mentioned it to the CTT) by insinuating you wouldn’t be allowed to ‘race’ on the public highway in any other form of transport. To which I can only say that he’s obviously never heard of Road Rallys ( The main difference is that the “Road Rally”ers have to have a maximum speed to stay legal, most TTers won’t get anywhere near the maximum speed indicated for a road so they don’t need one.

It’s one thing to hear this sort of stupidity from idiots, but to then hear it given prominence on a Regional News show from the UK’s major broadcaster is appalling. Could the BBC not spend a little time making sure their “Chief News reporters” actually know the bare minimum about a subject before they allow them to open their mouths?


Better commentary and analysis on this issue over at “I Pay Road Tax



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