MST209 Mathematical methods and models – Step 1

It’s been a while since there’s been a post about an Open university course around here. I’ve been having a break for the start of this year as due an upcoming wedding I’ve more important things to be concentrating on (and Sod’s Law guarantees that I’d have a TMA due during or just after the honeymoon!)

But I’ve just registered for MST209  – “Mathematical methods and models” starting in September 2012, so they’ll be starting again soon. On a bit of a treadmill now as I can’t really keep on with OU study unless I stay on the transitional fee arrangement (transitional cost = £735, new fee = £2500), so it’s a module a year tll 2017 or I don’t get a degree.

Will see how the calendar shapes up for next year before looking at the Residential school (MSXR209 – Mathematical Modelling). Though it’d be nice to have finished all the ‘core’ modules for the degree, and then move onto level 3 in 2013

In the meantime I’m going to try and kickstart the old brain a bit by going through some of the revision material.

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  1. You can also download a fair selection of the units from Open learn to give you an even better head start.

    Best wishes Chris

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