Oh crikey

Well, the AAA man has spoken and Mille Alba is now officially rated as a 12.5AAA event!

So that’s more climbing than doing the Dean, Yr Elenydd and the Brevet Cymru 400 back to back. Knowing how knackered I was after each of those, this is going to be a fairly tough ride.

Not really done much training unfortunately as I picked up a knee injury just after the BC400, for which the physio recommended some stretching and some rest. Luckily the rest came naturally as I’ve just got married and we decided to have a relaxing honeymoon in Positano, so plenty of sitting on the beach for rest (though the steep streets were probably not the best idea).

Went out this morning for the first time in 3.5 weeks and managed 75km without too many problems, so hopefully it’s going to last in a couple of weeks. Will be following the ride reports from this weekend’s helper’s ride with great interest.

Training for the next 2 weeks will remain light. Will try to get a couple of 100km rides in, but don’t really have time to get anything longer in and recover properly.


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