Pre planning 3 coasts 600km 1.75AAA Audax 2012

So I’ve now got this years Super Randonneur award sorted, and as a bonus it’s AAA as well (Dean, Yr Elenydd, Brevet Cymry, Mille Alba) so that’s one target out of the way for the year. Now to convert it into one of the shiny new SR2500’s or whatever they’re actually being called with a 600km ride. And I’ve decided to keep it all AAA as well. So that left the only the 3 Coasts 600km as the only real calendar event left for me to consider this year.

Looks like a good route, and I like the idea of cycling right across the country twice in under 40 hours. Plus we get to see the sea a couple of times which is always nice. A proper sleep stop, food included and a number of proper controls as also a big incentive.

Not had to plot a route for a while as I’ve been a bit spoilt with organisers offering good quality gpx tracks to work with. But it doesn’t take that long to work throught the route sheet on the laptop, and here’s the result:

The legs are of slightly strange lengths, but each ends at a control. The length was based on how long I had to work each one out.

They can be downloaded here:

3 coasts audax 2012 gpx part 1
3 coasts audax 2012 gpx part 2
3 coasts audax 2012 gpx part 3
3 coasts audax 2012 gpx part 4

Hoping that some of the fitness from Mille Alba has hung around, though I’ve just had a week off the bike with some knee pain, but different knee pain from before MA. If it has I think I’ll be trying for an earlier finish on the Sunday so I can get a train back to Nottingham that evening. Should be doable if I only grab a short sleep stop.

Now I could just do with getting back on the bike without some knee pain. New shoes have been purchased so should be broken in by then. Don’t know if I’m brave enough to try breaking in a new saddle in a fortnight though….

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