mst209 – And we’re off

Suprised to see that the MST209 course books had been dispatched yesterday as I wasn’t expecting them till after the weekend. Thankfully having been bitten on my first OU course I’ve now got all course books winging their way to work so I actually got them yesterday as well.

Excitedly ripped the packing open once I’d gotten them home and started unpacking. Unfortunately the first thing I saw was the Mathcad software disks. Rats, I’d hoped that MST121 and MS221 would be the last time I had to deal with that piece of antiquated dross. But, no, it’s back to haunt me. So time to soil my mac with another Windows XP virtual machine so I can use it.

Then I found the good stuff, the books :)  Felt a little short changed when there were only 8 of them (including the handbook). But they’re all thicker than the previous course books, so it’s probably the same amount of paper. Though I’m now even happier I got the Nexus to cart around the PDF versions on, though they’re not available yet, guessing they’ll be put up when the MST209 2012 site goes fully live next week

Liked the specimen paper that was included. While I was hazy on the specific, the general feel of the questions looked more like the sort of things I used to be good at.

Started flicking through the ‘revision’ section of Book 1. Happy that a lot of it came back to me. Will sit down over the weekend and run through it properly with pen and paper just to check that I was do the exercises right. And then onwards into Differential Equations



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