Audax Season 2012-2013

So I’ve not touched the bike since I got it home after my off, mainly because a fortnight after that trip to A&E I managed to break a big toes whilst washing up. But now with the new AUK season 8 days old, I’ve decided I’d better fix it up. A new shiny front wheel shall be ordered from Big Al at Wheelcraft to keep the wonderful rear wheel he built me company. Am planning on something with a Dynohub to save having to cart so many batteries around, and to reduce the reliance on bag drops and plugs on longer brevets. Not sure what light to pair it up with, thought a Cyo would be a shoe in, until I saw the Luxus with it’s built in USB recharging option.

As the accident put the kibosh on my RRTY attempt I think I’ll take it easy until 2013 and not push for silly long rides and just work on getting a decent base in, and possibly some speed work.

Next year is looking like a good year for some long rides. I’ve got permission and the time off work booked for London Edinburgh London, which will be the key aim. Would like to have got a full SR in before then to make sure the fitness is up, and a couple of extra longer rides wouldn’t go amiss either. Have broached the subject of the Super Brevet Scandanavia 1200 as well, and it’s not been shot down completely. Also the Pendle 600 might be on the cards as it looks like it might coincide with a trip to the Lakes anyway, and that would satisfy my climbing craving.

And in a slight regression I’ve started pounding the pavements of Nottingham again in a bid to keep my fitness up till my wheel arrives, though I am planning to keep it up over the winter in case it’s as bad as last year for getting out on the bike. Just need to get a few more miles in my legs before trying some of my older Nottingham running routes

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  1. Out of interest, do you have a partner and or children?. It might seem a private question. I do and its a major reason why I am unable to fulfill my Audax ambitions……

  2. One lovely wife, no kids, 2 cats :).

    It does seem to be a common theme amongst audaxer’s conversations. There is a balancing act to fitting in as much as you want with what you can get away with. I know I’ve missed out on events I’ve really wanted to do, or ended up having to book a day off work to do a mid-week 200 for RRTY. In my case I’m lucky that my wife is happy’ish’ to loose one weekend day a month which covers me for 200s+300s, and then I can swing 2 weekends a year for the 400 and 600 for an SR. And luckily for me for Mille Alba this year my wife has a good friend in Edinburgh so I was able to get the weekend by suggesting she visited her friend while I ripped my legs off.

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