It Is all about the bike

At the moment anyway. Had slightly longer off the bike than I’d planned, and it’s being extended by City Link’s inability to perform the sole core duty of getting parcels from A to B. However, somewhere in the country is a new front wheel which means my bike will be rideable again. Luckily it’s a nice Dynohub build, so just in time to save me a fortune on batteries across the winter months :).

Going to try and take it steady and build up a decent base over the winter. So lots of long 75% max HR rides. This will take some willpower to keep it all under control. I always find it hard to relax enough on some hills to keep it down, when I’d rather push on at the same speed. Must also make sure that commuter racing red mist doesn’t descend, the temptation to reel in the person in front (or more likely stopping them from getting too big a lead) is ever present.

Going to be doing a fair amount of core and flexibility work as well. I noticed when I started doing more stretching for a knee injury earlier in the year that I did feel better after a long ride. And it seems to be fairly common advice to build up the core for performance and comfort. Neither of these things immediately jump out at me and say “DO ME”, so I’ll have to find a decent plan that I will follow and keep up with it.

Hopefully that should get me back up to speed for January, and then I’m going to start pushing the distances up a bit earlier this seaon. This should make sure I’ve got an SR in the bag before London Edinburgh London. Would really like to be able to do LEL in long day stages with a nights sleep each night. Not so worried about the hills on this one as I was with Mille Alba. While none of them will be ‘easy’ with that sort of distance in the legs, there’s nothing I can remember that was gratuitously steep.

But anyway, here’s hoping that City Link work out what it is they’re meant to do as Saturday is looking good for a shake down ride!

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