2012 a cycling overview

So that’s 2012 over and done with. Bit of a mixed year for my cycling. Overall my mileage was down this year to 4926 miles, giving a weekly average of 94.73 miles which isn’t too shabby. And looks even better when I remember I had 2 months with absolutely no mileage:

So nothing at all for September and October after my crash in August on the Mid Peak Super Grimpeur and an expected dip in May when I had some time off the bike to enjoy a wedding and a honeymoon :). December was a bit crap as well with a chest infection, a does of the Norovirus, ice on the roads and plenty of time celebrating. And despite claiming to commute to work by bike a lot the number of rides a month doesn’t really bear that out (though I tend not to log the direct 2 mile ride home if I’ve got to be back sharpish):


Audaxing wise it went pretty well. Finished off my RRTY attempt in February, got an AAA badge, completed a Super Randonneur series, and got a Randonneur 2500 as well.

So 2013 then. Already starting to make plans. The big ride this year is of course London Edinburgh London but I’m planning a sensible training/build up to it. Current thinking is:

January – DIY 200km just to get back into the swing

February – Rutland and Beyond 100km ECE’d to 200km.

March – Easter Arrow to York. This will be a bit of a change as it’s a Team event, which is a bit unusual for Audax. 3-5 riders form a team, sort a 24 hour route which finishes in York and then ride it. At least 3 members need to finish for it to be a success. Should be fun. And I’m not ruling out another go at the Dean either

April – Not sure yet. There’s nothing of the 300/400km and hills variety I fancy having a crack at, though there may be a few more awaiting with the next copy of Arrivee. Which means it might be a DIY bash around the Peak District.

May – Probably an ECE’d ride to the seaside on the Everybody Rides to Skeggy! from alfreton up to 400km

June – I want to do the 3 Coasts 600km again as I think that is a good trial for how long I’ll be able to push for on LEL. The terrain’s vaguely similar so it’ll be a good idea of if I can push a full 600km in 28 hours before resting, and if I don’t there’s the great hospitality to fall back on. And then for a final hill fix before the taper, I’m going to have a bash at the Pendle 600, 10AAA points across 600km of Northern England’s finest hills.

July – Nice and easy tapering, and maybe some TTing, but nothing too strenuous before the 28th

August – I want to have a go at the Old 240, but the date may be problematic.

After that I’ll come up with some more ideas.

Now to work out a training plan for that lot…….

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