MST209 – TMA02 submitted

So not the greatest possible deadline for a TMA, the last wednesday before christmas. With the post and work deadlines it went out right at the last moment, but hopefully it arrived. Still don’t know though as with Tutors also being allowed a christmas and the general amount of bank holidays I don’t expect to hear back for another couple of days.

Despite the hecticness of  doing it I quite enjoyed this TMA. The questions were hard, but did build nicely on the material covered, just not exactly in the ways we’d seen it before. Combining a slop and a Torque problem made for some fun diagramming before twigging what was going on.

Wasn’t keen on one question that said you were free to choose your own axis  scheme, but which 3 sub sections later couldn’t be answered unless you’d picked the OU approved one!! So that meant redoing that one from scratch.

Due to the amount of diagramming in this one I had to resort to hand writing it. The last time my wrist ached that much I’d been writing wedding cards. I was quite impressive to compare the thickness of the submission though. My tutor likes us to only use 1 side of the paper so they can write their comments on the reverse, so there were about 25-30 sheets of A4 and a TMA marking sheet to fit into the envelope this time! Still classed a large letter though :) Just hope they could read my handwriting, there is a reason I’ve a career where I rarely ever need to do anything other than type.

Made a half hearted start on section 3 over the christmas break, but now getting on with it properly.

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