MST209 – All over, and the marks are out

Buried under all the LEL excitement I forgot to mention that the MST209 results have been announced.

I did better than expected on the Exam with a 71! I had been expecting to just scrape a pass! I think that shows just how important the final day school is. Ours was run by our normal tutor and another local tutor. We went through plenty of exam style questions on the day. This meant we had some really good examples and some experience of what we’d see. With that, the specimen paper included in the course materials and another paper from Black Badge Press gave me plenty of quality revision. I also made sure revision material was limited to the handbook, so I was pretty quick at finding the relevant information before the exam.

Unfortunately due to some real life stuff over the year, my coursework (TMA and CMA) marks were fairly low, though all were passes. So overall I’ve achieved a Grade 3 pass. Not stunning, but it’s a pass and means my quest for a Mathematics Degree can carry on for another year!

MST209 was mostly a good course for me. I do like Mechanics, so a lot of the course played to my strengths. I think having done M208 before this meant I had an edge on the calculus based sections, but my Trigonometry wasn’t quite as hot. There were quite a few instances on TMAs (and the Exam) where spotting the right trig identity suddenly made everything a lot easier. Relearning the mechanics via Newton’s 2nd Law, and using the OU’s preferred nomenclature through me a bit as I’ve had these in my head for so long:

 v=u+at \\ s=ut+\dfrac{1}{2}at^2 \\ v^2=u^2+2as \\

that I had trouble getting the right ones down. Though the TMAs weren’t marked as hard for ‘mathematical purity’ as they were on M208.

Now to get in touch and check that S207 “The Physical World” is an allowed module for the Maths Degree. Unfortunately the next 12 months are going to be too hectic to try and study two seperate 30 credit point courses, and there isn’t a 60 credit point Level 3 Maths module available until M303 comes on line in 2014. Unrelated 30 point modules would mean lots of TMAs with possibly conflicting submission dates (MST121 and MS221 are designed to run together to avoid that, but I don’t believe any other Maths modules are). As I’m on the ‘Transitional Fees’ scheme I have to have finished the degree by 2017, so need to crack through as many points as possible now to leave time for the hard level 3 modules. And hopefully the modelling from MST209 will stand me in good stead, and keep my brain alert enough for the summer school MXSR209 Mathematical Modelling

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