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Another trip away from home saw me having 4 days in Leipzig for the annual Wave Gotick Treffen. As I’m getting a bit older there was going to be less schwarzbier and 4am fallings out of clubs, so that should mean mornings where I’d be able to get out and run.

Having spent most of my previous 12 visits to Leipzig in dark loud venues I wasn’t too sure on where would be fun to run (I could probably do the city centre to the Agra via Werk II with my eyes closed, which given the scenery would probably be for the best.

A quick look on OSM showed lots of green sections to the west of the city centre, and I knew the was to the Park Buhne venue in Clara-Zetkin park):

So the actual run I did is below. I started from the SeaSide hotel, but it’s going to be pretty much the same distance from any of the hotels near the HauptBahnhof. It’s a little over the 10km it seemed to be on Gmap-pedometer, but not stupidly so at 11km:

11km running route from Leipzig city centre
11km running route from Leipzig city centre

Once off the city streets is was pretty much all good gravel tracks through parks and wooded riverside (the top photo being a pefect example). Routefinding is very simple, and the only trick is keeping track of which bridges you’re passing as that’s what’ll set your distances.

The tracks seemed to extend quite a way of my turning points so there’s plenty of scope to extend this up from my 11km.

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