Too much too soon and a running injury

So the running seemed to be going well, pace was good and 10km wasn’t that much of a challenge anymore. Just thinking about pushing the distance up a bit. Then came the pain, at first just a little bit at first, then one saturday I was hobbling along within 400m of my front door.

A lot of prodding and twisting seems to point to a nice case of Achilles Tendinitis. So I’m off the running for a bit, and stretching like a mad thing!

Single leg drops on the stairs are current favourites, as I can do them! Downward dog feels like it’s giving me a good stretch, but the rest of me is so inflexible it’s not something I can hold for long enough for any real benefit.

Am also making sure I do more walking around. So lunchtimes when I’m not at the gym I’m making sure I walk around a couple of blocks or the park rather than a beeline for the shops.

Looking back I think I got too cocky based on my (limited) cycling fitness. I’ve got a reasonable cardio ability, and have muscles in mostly the right places for running. But I don’t have the connecting tissue that’s needed for running or impact absorption. So I was able to push further than I should have been able too at too high an intensity. So am hoping 6 weeks off with plenty of stretching, and then starting with short (<5km) and slower (6 min per km) for a couple of weeks will ease me back into it.

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