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Setting some goals (July 2016)

So far this year I’ve just been aimlessly enjoying my cycling with no real plan. Which while fun has meant that when I try something bigger than normal I usually end up blowing out of my arse and struggling. And I’m missing having a ‘big’ ride on the horizon to look forward to, tended to make sure I got out of bed in time in the morning for a loop in to work, or made me make the most of the ride home.

Part of that is probably dropping out from Audax due to to many time commitments at the weekend. Thought not booking things too far in advance would mean more flexibility to do things as time occured. Turns out that’s not happened at all!

So I’ve decided I need to add some goals to my cycling. I’ve a vague 4 year plan in my head, but that involves some negotiation at home, so that’s still not set in stone. But, for the next 6-12 months I’m lookin at these goals:

1 month:
Goal: See Physio
Reason: Lots of small niggling aches now I’ve hit 40. Not sure if these are just aches from getting more active after a period off or if it’s payback for a younger life of falling over a lot. So want to get them sorted now, or at least work on them, before they turn into a major issue

2 months:
Goal: hilly (AAA style) 200km road rides
Reason: Should get me used to longer rides again. I’ve done 1 ride over 100km since August 2015 and that’s showing in my stamina. Reckon I could fake my round a flat ride with enough sugar, but anything with some proper hills would soon show me up. Plus the hilly bits of the UK tend to be the prettier bits

3 months:
Goal: Complete 200km offroad within 36 hours
Reason: Just because it’s what I want to do :). Have an entry in for the Bear Bones 200 in October, which gives me a deadline to be ready for it. And a nice simple measure of it I’ve achieved it or not

6 months:
Goal: Have kept up at least one 200km ride a month
Reason: Last time I was keeping up a Randonneur Round the year I came out of winter raring to go and carried that through the rest of the year. So returning to what I know works seems like a good idea

9 months:
Goal: Make a better stab at either the cairngorms loop, or the Peak District 200
Reason: Having suffered around the inner cairngorm loop, but loved the views I saw it’d be nice to do it again without the suffering, and maybe lifting my head up a little bit more!

Stick to that lot and I reckon this time next year I’ll be fitter and happier on the bike. And should have spent plenty more time in some nice bits of the UK, so all good!

Image courtesy of Jonas Bengtsson from here on Flickr (Creative Commons licensed)

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