So much for goals!

Well after setting myself some decent achievable goals the other week life has decided that I’m not meant achieve them on my planned timescale.

I’ve now spent 7 days in the sling of shame:

Enjoying my fairly standard post work bimble round the Gotham hills, riding back along a flat unassuming bridleway near Burton in Fabis I discovered an unknown to me huge hole buried in the long grass. Cue a very sudden stop, and then momentum and gravity took over as I went over the bars and hit the baked ground (I mean, come on, when was the last time we had hard mud this year!) on my left shoulder.

Got up, straightened the bars and the bike was good to go. Nagging shoulder pain but I could get back on and bimble along the track to the road. Things getting a bit sorer no so decided to get home on the road. Thankfully with the old A453 still in place and decent cyclepaths through Clifton and a canal track I wouldn’t have to play with real traffic too much. But I was riding, how badly damaged could it be?

Sorer and sorer with each mile, I nearly vomitted when I had to signal left into our street. So it was going to be a trip to A&E afterall.

A nice fast trip through QMC A&E (1 hour 20 minutes all in, including X-rays) and I was discharged with a suspected fractured ACJ probably Grade II or III

Fracture clinic doc the next day wasn’t sure, so I’ve been put in a sling for 3 weeks before going back for more X-Rays to see if it’s healing or needs more work.

So that’s a stop to any cycling or strength work for at least 3 weeks. Even things like squats are showing just how much my shoulder is involved in movement and balance, which is quite an eye opener.

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