Bored cat is bored

Bored, bored, bored

So pretty much 3 weeks since I took a fairly mediocre forward roll over my handlebars. Hopefully this thursday I’ll be told exactly what I’ve done to my shoulder. Options were sprain, ligament damage or fracture. I’ve still got some pain and some increased movement so it’s unfortunately looking like the middle one which is probably the worst for recovery time. Yay!!

I’m getting so bored. Can’t run, can’t ride and even a decent walk is a pain with the slung arm pulling me off balance. I’ve tried a variety of bodyweight exercises, but all they’ve shown up is that shoulders are more involved in things that I thought possible. Even squats are awkward. Balance is off, so lunges are out, and I’ve not keen to topple over with only one arm to stop me. Even simple floor exercises are out as I can’t get back up with out some sort of assistance (probably also a sign of my general lack of flexibility and balance).

Also noticing a few aches and twinges showing up where things are stiffening up a bit. Ankles feel a bit stiffer than normal, my souplesse wasn’t anything to write home about but did appear to keep my ankles flexible. And my knees are giving out some signs of unhappiness, so I guess something in a complex chain is starting to shorten more than they like. And that’s before the neck and back ache from having my arm hanging off of them and limited sleeping positions.

Lots of dreaming of the day I can go out for a little run, or head back to the gym for some kettlebell work or even ride into work.

At least my reading is picking up!

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