On the upside!

So the physio and fracture clinic came up with good news today. Appears it was just a bad sprain, so I’m free from the sling of shame!

I have some simple shoulder mobility exercises to be doing daily for the next 2 weeks. Physio spent quite a bit of time making sure my posture was correct whilst doing them, so there’s plenty to work on.

But the good news is that with my arm out of the sling I have better balance. So I’ve already done some bodyweight squats and worked on some unweighted deadlift form exercises. And I’ll be trying out the Watt Bikes at the gym tomorrow as getting on and off should be possible now, but riding sitting up or just resting on one arm.

Hopefully in 2 weeks it’ll have healed enough for me to start doing some running. Think it’ll be a bit longer before it can take the shocks of cycling (the roads round here aren’t much better than offroad, so evens that’s not an option).

But I’ll be taking it easier to avoid injuring my heel again. Will be starting off with some nice slow steady 3 mile runs for a month or 2 to build up properly. And there’ll be a lot more stretching involved.

Header Image from Pexel, used under a CC0 license

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