2017 – Lets start this up again

Another year, another start of the year blog post and another set of goals. Here’s hoping it goes somewhere this time.

Since the last post I’ve been given an all clear on the shoulder injury, but advised it’ll be another 3 months till it’s pain free all the time. So carrying on with some simple physio exercises with the thera bands.

Started running again as it put less stress on the shoulder than cycling. Have built up nice and slowly, 2 months of 5km routes, 2 months of 8km, and now 2 months 10 10km runs. So starting to get a nice base. Mainly on gentle trails around Attenborough Lakes, or looping out around the back of Bramcote Village. Still the odd random moment of pain during or after a run, but it’s usually short lived.

Cycling has been a bit lighter. Not enough time and sleep has meant I’ve been slacking off on the longer rides, and even skipping a fair amount of commuting as sometimes it’s not seemed worth the effort for 5 miles. Hoping to get back on it now. Have gotten myself a cheap fixed wheel bike to make even a short commute a decent workout (Derby Road should be fun!), and also save some money by not wearing out another 105 transmission.

Offroad stuff has been even more hit and miss. Worried about knocking the shoulder back, and not wanting to spend as much time cleaning as riding :)

Gym died a death as there wasn’t much that could be done with only one arm. Shame as I’d built up to 3 pull ups!! But want to get back on that, as was nice to have some upper body strength again

Plans for 2017

some longer off road run/walks. I’m not expecting to be doing the Bob Graham, but I’ve some 15-20 mile routes around the Peak District I’d like to have a go at moving faster than hiking pace over. And I wouldn’t mind doing another half marathon at some point, the last one seemed to go well at 1:50, but reckon I could have gone faster

I want to get another couple of longer off road routes done. 2 of the highlights of 2016’s limited cycling were the days doing the Inner Cairngorm loop and a 60 mile loop around the Peak District. So more of that is on the cards. Plus some exploring on the road bike. And some overnight trips as well.

Some of the running aches and pains are probably due to spending 40 hours a week sat down at a computer for work, and then some more as fun!. So aiming to up the amount of incidental movement, so trying to stand up at least once an hour! and adding some flexibility and core work as well.

Goals for 2017

So to actually nail down some proper targets:
Half Marathon – sub 1:45
Offroad – Edale -> Matlock in less than 5 hours would do me.

Offroad: Full Cairngorm Loop < 48 hours
Onroad: a nice 4 day tour somewhere.

3x 10 pull ups
3x 10 dips
Squat: Bodyweight
Deadlift: Bodyweight + 50%

> 10k steps a day
3x 30 minute yoga/flex/core sessions a weekin 10k steps a day
3x 30 minute yoga/flex/core sessions a week

Now to nail down a plan, and some time, to get these sorted.

And hopefully this cold will clear and I’ll be able to do something!

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