Kendo Practice, 14th October

Unfortunately this was going to be the last time Miyagawa Sensei would be practicing with us due to work sending him back home to Japan.

Tried to keep my right foot flat/down during suburi, but that seems to have brought back my habit of narrowing my stance. 1 step forward, 1/2 back….
with kirikaeshi, it now feels a lot more stable when I keep my head stable. but it still feels like I’m having to ‘hold’ it there rather then it just staying there without tensing.

Then mawarigeiko. Different types of men cut (tobikomi, sashi, from far distance). The Oji waza practice. I’m starting to ‘catch’ my partners shinai, but I’m tensing up so I then muck up the timing/distance for my cut.

Sensei then had everyone line up in grade order for a final fence with him. The first people in line did uchikomigeiko, with it gradually moving towards more jigeiko as the higher grades came on. Every time sensei cut through with me he repeated “Don’t be late”, which I’m guessing means I need to be readier to go when someone starts their attack/movement.

Managed to get some good photos of the people after me, which will appear in time.

After practice we had a picnic on some mats on the dojo floor to finish saying goodbye.

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