This blog is mainly somewhere for me to try and practice my writing, try and promote some of the music events I enjoy going to and showing off my minimal photographical skills.

But if you’re interested I’m a 30 something geek (professionaly), photographer (barely), and  music fan

I mainly play with Windows, Linux, Oracle and SQL Server for money. At home I love small geeky gadgets and ways of getting information. Currently surviving with an iPhone and a MacBook.

Musically I spend far too much money on CDs and gigs. Have travelled all over most of Northern Europe to see bands and attend festivals. For the right band I’d go even further. Music tastes go all over the place. Have DJed at various clubs and festivals over the years. For the full horrors of what I listen to have a peek at my Last.fm profile

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  1. Hey there, this is Tron from grooving in green hoping you could do me a big favour. Would there be any chance i could use some of your band photos for our official webpage?
    Naturally I can credit you and drop a link to your page- please let me know and thanks for taking the pics!


  2. Hi
    Just discovered your blog – excellent!
    Don’t suppose you have a route sheet for Rutland & Beyond? I’m doing it tomorrow and the guy with it on his Garmin can’t make it now.
    Many thanks

  3. Hi. I think I’ve a paper one at home. Unfortunately I’m in the middle of a 200k diy at the moment, and its not finishing at home so I won’t be able to scan it till tomorrow night. Sorry about that.

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