Kendo Practice 18th October

Started off with fun trying to get a broom to sweep the floor with.

Warmup and suburi and then kirikaeshi. Sempai said that the large men cuts must be proper large cuts, and we were to send anyone who didn’t do it like that back to start again (irrespective of grade…). Also emphasised that motodachi has work to do during the exercise, not just stand there.

Then onto Men, 3 types:

  • from far distance, seme in until the kensen are just crossed and then large tobikomi men
  • from far distance move in. Pressure down towards kakarite’s hands. step in holding centre and using the shape of your shinai to push kakarite’s off of centre and then strike sashi men by pushing the hands forward.
  • Seme in to just past kensen. Build pressure, and then release slightly and seme-ashi to invite men. As the other person strikes men get in first with debana men

Then 3 Kote:

  • With kensens just touching lift and cut. But moving slight to the left, as if attacking kakarite’s right foot with yours.
  • Seme in, start lifting kensen and threatening kakarites left eye as though going to men. As kakarite lifts their kensen to protect come round under their shinai and strike kote.
  • Seme in to kensen/kensen. Then as stepping in strike right side of kakarites shinai with the right side of yours .

Shikake waza against men:

  • Debana kote
  • kaeshi do
  • suriage men.


Kata 1-5

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