Kendo practice 3rd June 2008

Tonight was the first night of at a new Dojo in Nottingham. Was good to see a couple of people I used to train with at Doyukai reappear.

I did take the camera, but didn’t get a chance to use it.

Practice began with Wix Sensei welcoming everyone and explaining his thoughts on how the dojo would develop. Then we moved onto kata. We practiced Bokuto Ni Yoru Kendo Kihon form number 1 and Kendo Kata 1 as well.

Then moved in bogu and began shinai kendo practice.

First exercise was to strike men from 1 step distance (using Okuri-ashi). First we’d move in to check correct distance, and then step back to make sure that the distance was right, and then cut 10 men.

Then moved onto Kirikaeshi and Do-Kirikaeshi. Followed by uchi-komigeiko, though following a set pattern rather than motodachi choosing.

Throughout the night I had problems with ‘sticky’ feet. Don’t know if it was down to overly sweaty feet or just getting used to a new floor but it did feel strange at points. Also felt myself lifting my right foot too high while attempting fumi-komi.

It’s great to have another dojo so close to home, there’s now 3 opportunities to practice withing 45 minutes of home each week. I must make sure I make the most of it. Was also good to have a brand new beginner come along last night, hopefully there’ll be enough interest to grow the dojo.

This weekend sees Kashi no Ki Kenyu Kai hosting the Bowden and Premier cup taikais in Ollerton. So I’ll be busy sitting on one of the shiai-jo scoring or timekeeping. Hope to get the camera out as well.

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