Run 1, Nottingham, Forest Fields NG3

While trying to find some nice training runs around Nottingham I kept coming up with blanks. So with that in mind here’s number 1 in an ongoing series of runs in Nottingham. They’ll get longer and more adventurous as I get better at running them :).

nottingham, run around forest fields NG3
nottingham, run around forest fields NG3

Distance: 3.5 miles from a GPS track
Location: Forest Fields, Nottingham, UK. NG3 postcode
Type: Road, undulating but nothing too horrible.

Start at the bottom of Sherwood rise near the Goose Fair roundabout. Head up Sherwood rise, turn left into Alberta terrace and keep on on Gladstone Street. Keep on along Gladstone Street, cross over the tram lines and pass by the Noel Street swimming pool. Turn left down Radford Road and head straight down past Asda to the crossroads, cross over and turn left. Cross over the tram lines at Noel street and then turn right and head uphill behind the tram stop. Keep heading up the hill using the little pedestrian track next to the cycle track. At the top cross the first track and then turn left down the second one. Straight down past the pirate ship to the concrete lumps then bear left, and then turn left heading down in front of the football pitches. Head for the road and turn left. Run down to the Park+Ride carpark, cross this to the tram stops and then repeat the loop. but this time turn right when you rejoin the road and run back to where you started at the roundabouts.

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