happy mac days

Happy Mac Days.

After many years of lusting I’ve finally dropped the cash on a new Apple MacBook Pro. To be specific the current 2.53GHz 4GB 15″ Macbook Pro.  I’v had it about a week now, and just about getting used to it now.

Points I like

  • Screen –  Large and bright. The contrast range is very impressive
  • Speed – It’s nice and fast. it’s processing images under Bibble faster than anything else I’ve tried it on
  • Battery Life –  Seems to be happy to give 4+ hours with the screen at full brightness and wifi on. I’ve been using it at work during lunch times, then during some recent cover times and I’ve still have a decent charge left at the end of the day
  • Portability – I mainly went down the laptop route, and then for a Mac as I needed something that I could take with me. As usual time’s the main constraint on my photography, so having something I can quickly work on wherever I am and that’s easy enough to lug around to work for lunchtime usage or cart on a train to make the most of the journey was very important
  • Things I’m still undecided on:

  • Screen –  (Yep, it’s in both). While the glass front makes it very bright and clear, it does make it prone to reflections. This can be avoided by choosing where you sit, but it’s still a little annoying
  • Only other bug bears are just me getting used to the slightly different way of doing things with the OS. The windows part is just different enough from MS Windows to catch me out, and the underlying Unix is different to the Linux I normally use as well.

    Luckily all the software I’ve been using is available in a Mac or Unix version which is helping a lot with the trasition.

    So far everythings been great, now major problems with anything. Certainly seems to be helping me to get cracking on getting photos sorted.

    Now just debating about when to move to Snow Leopard, and if I really need to get a Wacom tablet

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