Broken Window – Jefferey Deaver

After enjoying the last Jeffery Deaver I read (also the first, review here) I was looking forward to the next one. As this one was going spare it got picked up.

Slightly different this time as this book stars one of Mr Deaver’s other characters. The previous book had centred around a ‘body science’ advisor Kathryn Dunce, this one centred around Lincoln Rhyme, a Forensic expert. And just to give it a little difference, Lincoln’s a Quadriplegic. And it’s set in New York rather than California.

A serial killer is on the lose, and using his access to a huge marketing database to incriminate innocent people. The plot twists and turns, with everyone having just enough plausability to be the killer. The final culprit is quite a suprise.

Again with Deaver the book feels like it started 50 pages before it does. Throughout the book there’s plenty of references to previous cases/actions and also running through is an investigation in England. None of this impacts on the plot of this book, but does make the characters feel like their moving through life as well as the book.

The whole idea of just how much data companies and governments hold on each of is very well put across. I think it’ll certainly open some people’s eyes to the dangers of too much information. In fact it might even be a good showpiece to give to friends who believe that National ID Cards aren’t a major problem, in fact someone else who’s read the book could immediately see where I was coming from on that problem.

Some of the direct technology stuff grates a little, but that’s a geek thing that probably won’t bother anyone else.


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