Jorvik weekend – Birds of Prey

Another year, another trip up to York for the annual Yorvik Viking weekend. No photogenic snow this year, and no buying of new cameras either. And as usual, I mostly got pictures of the birds of prey show. It was the same


Birds of Prey at the Jorvik weekend 2011

No owls this year, and a lack of falcons as well. But a good display from a Bald Eagle, various vultures and some caracara for light entertainment

Birds of Prey at the Jorvik weekend 2011

Pretty happy with these snaps. All taken on the 30D with a sigma 70-200 2.8 EX and then fettled in LightRoom.  One regret was not taking a tripod along, but I didn’t fancy carrying it around York all day. Might have helped get some of the action shots a little sharper:

Birds of Prey at the Jorvik weekend 2011

Though it’s not too bad as is :).

All the birds were supplied and flown by who seem to do this event every year. So it’s always a decent show as he knows what he’s got to work with.

Photos of actual vikings (or of actual accountants impersonating vikings) to follow:

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