Moors and Wolds 400km audax prep

Another step up in distance this time. 300km was a bit of a struggle in places, but hopefully not putting myself under an external time limit (other than the normal event one that is) I can take it a bit easier and have some proper rests which should help. It’s certainly a much more impressive looking route map when I realise that I’ll end up north of York for a fair amount of time.

The other big change on this one is going to be the ride through the night. The event starts at 14:30, so it’s going to involve a complete night of cycling. Think I’ll be investing in a couple of extra lights before hand. I’d love to get a dynohub setup, but I can’t really get the cash together in time, but I’d like to get an B&M light that I can run on batteries until I buy the new front wheel.

I’m hoping that my clothing ideas will work OK. I seem to be mostly OK in shorts/jersey with leg/arm warmers as well. I’ll also have my rain jacket for a bit of extra warmth. If I can work out how to carry them I’ll also try to bring along a spare helly under top, a pair of Roubaix bib tights, and possibly my winter jersey as well. It won’t all fit in the Carradice Barley, but I’m thinking about strapping a dry bag on with some spare toe clip straps or similar. Hoping I can find time to fit a late night before hand so I can check things do actually work. I also need to get a spare tyre, think there’s plenty of life left in the the ones I’ve got, but getting stranded on the edge of the North York Moors at 2 in the morning is not part of the plan for this.

Route sheet that came through appears to be the same as the one up here

So I’ve worked out the following rotue:

And this gpx file:

Now to spend a bit of time getting it into a Garmin ready format. Think I’ll split it down to a couple of seperate routes again as that seemed to work well on the skegness ride.

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