Beware of the plague – 100km Audax from Alfreton – preride

Bit of a treat this month as I actually get to ride a calendar event, Company on a ride, not had that since the 600 back in July!!

The route looks like a nice ‘scenic’-ish tour of the Peak District (uTrack gives me ~1800m climbing), though none of it looks too horrible).  And the current weather forecast is looking like it’ll mostly be dry and maybe a little bit of sun will poke through the clouds as well.

As I need a 200km ride in October for RRTY I’ll be ECEing the ride with 50km before and after. Nothing exciting, just a main road bash to a small Nottinghamshire village sign, turn around and then main road it to alfreton, hopefully in time for some tea and cake before setting off (the tea’s the important thing). If it turns out to be a good fast route then I’ll use it for other alfreton starts, saves on petrol and train fares.

This will also be a bit of a celebration of having my Super Randonneur award validated. (Super Randonneur is an award for completing a 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km audax in one season). Had been looking a bit touch and go after the GPS failure on the DIY 400 in September, but it looks like there was enough to accept it on. So that’s the main aim of the season done.

Profile for the Beware of The Plague 100km Audax from alfreton


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