New course, new technology

The start of MST209 is rapidly approaching. And in an effort to try and fit everything in I decided I needed a way to me sure I can study in any spare time. And also I needed to fit in with my increased commuting via bike as I can’t fit the course books into my carradice barley.

I’d been eyeing up tablets and ereaders for a while. While an e-ink device like a kindle is great for reading text it really falls down when you’ve got complex PDFs with graphics in them. I gave one a go with the PDFs from m208 and it was horrendous. So a ‘proper’ tablet looked like the only way to go.

Apples ipad is pretty much the reference in that market. But despite being an apple user (I phone and Macbook pro) I was put off by the cost and the size. A 10″ tablet doesn’t fit in a barley so I’d have needed to buy a new saddlebag (and support as the bagman sport doesn’t support anything bigger),  and £399 is quite a bit to spend on a trial.

I’d been looking at the various 7″ android tablets but none really seemed to offer the performance I was looking for. Then Google released its nexus 7.  I had a quick play with one and liked the size,  screen and feel of it. And the price at £199 for the 16GB was more to my wallets liking. The only thing I was unsure about was how it would handle large PDFs,  which unfortunately I couldn’t try out in shop as android doesn’t come with a PDF reader as standard. But asking around it didn’t seem to be something anyone thought would be a problem.  Now just to get the money together.

But my lovely wife arrived home last night with the 2nd from last one at Nottingham PC world after everywhere else had been sold out. And I’ve got to say it looks like it is exactly what I wanted. Not completely sold on one particular pdf reader yet,  but none of the ones I’ve tried have been completely awful so I think it’s just a case of finding the one I like the most.

And if this posts ok then the wordpress app works fine as well.

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