London Edinburgh London Training, how it’s not going

Oops, realised how much I’ve been neglecting writing here recently. Unfortunately it’s not been down to getting plenty of miles in my legs. In fact my mileage has dropped fairly rapidly since January (589, 389, 254 (27/03)), mostly down to the bl**dy weather. Unfortunately work and OU tutorials have meant I’ve not always been able to get out during the occasional nice spells. So I’m a bit behind where I’d want to be at this time of year. Though I did grind my way round the Rutland and Beyond event, and an extra 50km there and back in February, but that was more to grit than fitness I think.

So a bit behind for LEL, but that’s 4 months away so there’s still some time to get in shape. Slightly more worrying is the arrival of the Audax UK Easter Arrows on Friday morning (36 hours away as I type this). For those who’ve not met them before, these are one of the very rare team events for audaxers. Between 3 and 5 machines (tandems count as a machine, not 2 riders) have to complete a 24 hour ride of at least 360km under some slightly different rules to usual audax events, with the idea being that most of these teams will end up in York at the same time for breakfast. Our team has gone for 460km, which seemed like a good idea during the mild weather in January, not so much now. And the sub zero temps overnight are looking good for the first through the night ride of 2013 either. We’ll be taking copies of the relevant counties gritting routes with us.

At least my cold weather kit is getting plenty of use this year. Hopefully I won’t be riding LEL in longs and winter weight jersey though!!

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