Lel, make or break ride

Thanks to a viral infection that won’t go away I’ve had a really bad audax year so far. Constantly tired, and coming down with colds, tonsillitis and bad stomachs since December had taken its toll on the number of rides I’ve been able to get in. And the weather’s not helped either! So my London Edinburgh London training is so far off track I can hardl see it.

So tomorrow I’m riding the 300km Everyone rides to Skegness ride from Alfreton. The plan originally was this to be an ECE to 400km and treat it as fast text of pace. That’s gone out of the window now. It’s just going to be a trial of can I even do that distance at the moment, so no ECE for me and I’ll be pottering along at touring speed.

I’ve not ridden a ride over 50 miles since the Easter Arrows, on which I wasn’t at peak performance by a long way. And tomorrow’s forecast is for constant rain and a strong headwind all the way home. Which is going to be a pain coming back across the causeway into Lincoln , and then the grind out from Lincoln on the A57 to Tuxford.

If I have to pack for anything other than than a mechanical or feel I’ve had to push harder than I I’d be happy with on a multi day ride I’ll be giving serious thought to pulling out of Lel while I can still get a refund. Even a slow comfortable finish would do, at least I’d know I’ve got 8 weeks left to try and build up a lot more

Here’s hoping I’ll still make it to Great Loughton on July 28th

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