Kendo Practice 27th September 2007

an aide-memoire from last nights practice.

I was given a couple of pointers for kirikaeshi:

  • More upright (which shows you can’t tell, as I felt I was standing straight)
  • During the shomen cuts I’m ‘pecking’1 my head forwards as I lift my arms

I tried it on the next round and it did feel a lot better, hard to describe why but each cut felt ‘stronger’ and more defined.
Tried to carry the posture through the rest of class, it did feel different but my back started aching during Jigeiko so I guess it’s something that’s going to take some getting used to.

Sensei pointed out that we’re still not driving with the hips properly, so I’ve been stomping around work when noones looking, and it looks like I’m still rising as I spring forwards.

1Imagine a chicken pecking at the ground except horizontally through my raised arms.

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