Drop Dead Festival Prague, Night 1

Finally a chance to attend Drop Dead without having to cross the Atlantic. After a delayed flight and feeling like the proverbial we’d decided to skip the first club night so this was our start to the festival.

A brief detour to see a Vivaldi recital and we were on our way.Bit of a wait to get in, but these things never start on time. So why we’d decided to get there on time for once remains a mystery. Once we’d got in we found a great venue, someone had obviously thought about laying the place out properly. There was plenty of room at the bar, plenty of places to sit out of the way for a chat and still a decent sized room for the bands (and a cinema that took us 2 days to find).

Finally got to see Joy Disaster live, and get to buy the new album. Ejaculation Post Mortem were mighty fine as well (ended up buying the back catalogue), nice to see a Theremin on stage as well. Frank the baptist were good, but didn’t seem to have the same energy/kick-ass that they’ve had when I’ve seen them before.

We stayed for about an hour after the bands before the beer and tiredness kicked in and we wandered home via a sausage stand.

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