Drop Dead Festival Prague, Day 4

The Last Days of Jesus playing at Drop Dead Prague

A short night tonight. Only 3 bands and a 1 o’clock finish.

First up were The Last Days of Jesus (http://www.myspace.com/thelastdaysofjesus) (Pictures). Another fine performance. Don’t think I’ve seen a bad one from them yet.

Next up Mona Mur (http://www.monamur.net/)(Pictures) Didn’t really know much of her stuff, apart from the fact that En from KMFDM was playing guitar for her. Interesting enough, but the bar was tempting for some last night socialising.

Andi Sex Gang performing at Drop Dead Prague 2007
And he’s back. This time a set of his solo material rather than another Sex Gang Children set. Nice way to wind down at the end of the festival. Though personally I’d have rather gone out with something a bit faster heavier.

All in all a great festival. I enjoyed Prague, just a shame we were knackered trying to do the festival and sightseeing. There’s already talk of another European fest next year, which will almost certainly end up on the cards.

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