kendo practice 15th December 2007

Today we had a practice with a lot of visiting high grades Budden sensei, O’Donnell sensei, Matsuda sensei and Dockwray sensei

we started with kata practice
kata 1-3
3 – chudan, don’t reach arms out too much. Tsuki should be from hips. Push is done from chudan with kensen rising up for zanshin.

Then repeated but with Shidachi using seme to make Uchidachi start the kate

4 – Overview of waki and hasso kamae. Switch feet but same distances, right fight pointing out 45 degrees. left foot should be pointing/attacking opponent. Men cut should be to head height. The block should be done using the force of uchidachi’s incoming tsuki.

kodachi 1 – new to me. overview of kamae. chudan with kodachi is identical to tachi chudan, just with left hand on hip. Kamae against jodan is the same, shouldn’t be pointing, and should cover the body as well.

armour on

taitari practice

kirikaeshi – pulled up for not enough speed and no kikentaiichi

mawari jigeiko. Absolutely knackering, but managed to survived.

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