Kendo Practice 18th May 2008

Was good to see a lot of people at practice, not having been for a while it was nice to get a chance to catch up.

While waiting for everyone quickly ran through kata 1-4 (couldn’t remember anything past 4). The basics appear to still be there, but need to practice to remember all the little ‘signs’ of when to move and to regain some of the feel for them.

Was still feeling Thursday’s practice So spent a bit of extra time stretching as well.

Felt like a good practice. Still trying to get back into the right feel. Occasionally while being motodachi I’d get confused or have to struggle to remember exactly what I was meant to be doing.

Was happy that I managed to get so many fences in during Jigeiko including the senior members without running out of steam too much. I might be a little fitter than I though :).

Main points to take away were remembering to push through after oji waza, I’m tending to do the technique and then stop. Plus I’m still moving up during cuts rather than just forwards, so that’s something to practice in the kitchen.

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