So I’ve decided to try and shift some of the beer induced lard from around my middle. I’m starting at about 14/4 and would ideally like to end up at around the 12 stone mark.

In aid of this I’m going to be following a points based diet system that begins with the initials WW.

But as I’m weak, and also quite enjoy running I’m going to endeavour to pound the pavements and trails of Nottingham[shire] more regularly over the coming months. Over the years I’ve had ups and downs with running, sometimes getting up to the point where a 10 mile run doesn’t phase me, and other times blowing my knees out by trying hills to fast. So I’ve decided to take things nice and slow this time. I’ve set myself what I think are some nice achievable goals:

(for reference, at the moment I can manage 5 consecutive 10 minute miles without complete collapse or spending the next 4 days hobbling).

  • Dec 2009 – Be capable of doing a 10k run in an hour.
  • March 2010 – Be capable of running 13.1 miles in one go
  • May 2010 – Run a proper half marathon course
  • July 2010 – Run 20 miles in one go.
  • September 2010 – Run the Robin Hood marathon through fair Nottingham.

Other than the 10k one I’m trying to avoid setting times for them as I’m not sure how fast I’ll get. But I think a sub 1 hour 10k should be doable based on what I can do atm.

So there’s going to be a weekly update of my progress, hopefully with an increasing weekly total.

I’m also going to try and post up more running routes as there seems to be a dearth of them this side of  Nottingham on the web (Forest Fields/NG7/NG3) . And a lack of the middle distance ones as well. So hopefully I’ll start correcting that, a little. Some of them may look a bit disjointed as I’ll have to ‘fudge’ the start points, rather than having hordes of runners starting their stopwatch on my doorstep :).

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