MS221 – A work in progress

So the slog through ms221 has slowed a little due to a hectic couple of weeks. Still ahead of the calendar, but just seem to be bumbling along rather than blasting through comfortably. Though that could well be a good thing for actually learning the content.

Chapter A1 was pretty interesting. Mainly covering “second order recurrence systems” (think Fibonacci Numbers) there was lots of opportunities to manipulate series to prove identities. The chapter also went through the Golden Ratio in some depth,  liked some of the results they gave, will come in useful for quickly checking factors of quadratics in future.

About halfway through A2, which is all about conics. So far so good. Though I can see I’m going to have to get better at either Notetaking or remembering where things are in the handbook.

Also had the first MS221 tutorial this week. Nicer larger room than the last one I was in for MST121. Spent the time going through some past TMA question. Very handy to have the Tutor explaining how they’d like to see the answers laid out, and now having some past TMAs there’s more revision material as well. Though it does look like the OU recycles the TMAs every year just chaing the numbers, wonder if they do that with the exams as well :).

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